Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions typically last an hour. Sitters range from children, all types of families, informal or professional head shot or website portraits, to pet portraits and more.  Working with a professional photographer is worthwhile because the value of your portraits will “earn their keep”, they will pay you back many times in the future.

By maintaining my artistic vision, and having your session 100% about you, be assured that the photos from my moments with you will be custom-crafted and created with you, your interests, what you tell me, and what I learn to know about you always kept in mind.  I infuse what I can  about you into every shot. I hope and believe they will be very treasured photos for you.

All Portrait Sessions include the following:

  • 1 to ½ hour photo shoot session time
  • My experience and skill
  • My directing and composing of your poses
  • Custom processing of the photos in the Package of your choice: each
    individual image in color, B&W, sepia or other custom effect
  • Final images presented in an online gallery for viewing and the option
    to order additional images

Your images will be ready online within 3 weeks of the session.  If you decide later that you want more images than what your Package has -you can apply that Package choice toward another one of the High Resolution Photo Packages (4 options), or pay for individual photos.

You will have three weeks once your image gallery is available, to change your high-resolution file downloadable custom Package at no extra charge.  After three weeks, due to my schedule and time, there is a $25 fee to change your Package. For a simple Package change, it invariably means  I will upload more photos and/or even edit a few for you and upload full
resolution files for you.

The three week time period after your photos are first available online, allows you the ability to print your images however and whenever you wish, and to share and make them available to friends and family, who may also print if you allow that. If you do not want anyone else to download or print, just do not share your password for printing them.

Want me to manage the printing of your photos?  Print ordering directly through me is available. Please ask for details, or
read on HERE for more information about printing through me.

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Whether your family consists of 2 or 20, allow me to capture your unique family. This family portrait can be at your home, at one of our many public or state parks here in San Diego, at Coronado beach or Ocean Beach, in the shade at Balboa Park, downtown for urban shots, a marina, an underpass or a chair in your yard, at a sports event or dance. You decide it’s your family’s portrait!

I will help you if you decide you need help, or I can decide for you. If you have a special event or holiday gathering, record your family
history before it’s too late!  Pictures are treasured family heirlooms that will be passed from generation to generation.

What objects do people so often want to grab  during a fire? These keepsakes can come in the form of greeting cards, calendars, photo books or wallet-sized pictures you carry with you everywhere. Now keepsake photos can be worn — in a digital pin on your
shirt or jacket, showing a sideshow of photos. We can discuss all of this at our consultation.

Once you choose me as your professional photographer, together we will design your Portrait Session- discussing time of day,
weather, location, style, what to wear, and, if you can, what you “see” in the photos you want.

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The universal human tradition of getting married or united in some way is one of the oldest, most important and most beloved in all cultures. A celebration and joyous occasion that is as varied as each couple. This is your day, your time to celebrate your union, and as your photographer I will work to capture what you want, who you both are, and the special uniqueness of your occasion.

I have been photographing with traditional and digital cameras for over 20 years and I adore what I do. It is with my experienced artist’s eye that I monitor the details such as light, composition and vision. We will work together and plan ahead, meeting at least twice, emailing and talking more than that. And then comes the best part: you get married!  I do my art for  you, making certain the photos capture the moments of your day faithfully and beautifully.

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Events & More

Special events can be planned months in advance or pop up at any moment. These occasions can be an annual United States Marine Corps Ball, a bridal wedding shower, a surprise birthday part, a church event
or an expectant mother wanting pregnancy photos.

As a professional photographer, my expertise begins with our consultation session and ends with you being a happy client. Mark your event with a picture that you choose to display on your wall, calendar or website.

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Holidays are perfect excuse to take great pictures of the loved ones in your life. Even those people who do not like being photographed seem to give in more during the holidays and smile with the group! Families use this occasion to send photobooks to grandparents, create holiday greeting cards or to update the family portrait hanging above their own mantel.

Having a private session with a professional photographer allows you to worry about the other million things going on in your life. Take this worry off your plate and let me take care of it for you. Your pictures can be digitally accessed for viewing or printing, or if even that seems like a headache, I can oversee the printing (and it’s quality first hand) and create a custom family holiday card or photobook for you!

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I am a pet person.  I have 2 wonderful dogs that have been family member their whole lives.  If you are like me and love, love, love your 2 legged or 2 legged pet- this is well worth the investment.  My favorite portraits are ones that capture the essence of the moment, and animals convey this so easily.  Chasing a ball or sitting on their favorite couch, get a picture that brings your pet to life.

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